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Mee'ear the Art thief by TheOldyTimeSteampunk Mee'ear the Art thief :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 0 0 HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUINTONQUILL by TheOldyTimeSteampunk HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUINTONQUILL :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 1 0 Elizabeth Fleeingston by TheOldyTimeSteampunk Elizabeth Fleeingston :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 2 11 Killer Weed's 2 ticklish male captures by TheOldyTimeSteampunk Killer Weed's 2 ticklish male captures :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 2 25
Spy Interrogation Tickle RP
A spy has been caught. I was a normal day of work, but you are responsible for interrogation. So you can tickle torture, or basically torture your spy
you can be the spy, or the one who is interrogating the spy
the spy can be Male or Female
but the Female Spies are more ticklish
:icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 0 144
EVIDENCE FOR AN ARGUENT, PLEASE IGNORE by TheOldyTimeSteampunk EVIDENCE FOR AN ARGUENT, PLEASE IGNORE :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 0 0
The Sharpie
The sharpie is an Abandoned part of the land that no body lives in. They say that what goes in does not come out. There have been some sightings of some strange things lurking around the murky land. The scientists that have researched on the Sharpie say that these are some of the Fiercest tickle monsters live there, such as the Scratcher, Feerthar and even the queen of the tickle devils, Teesy the queen of the tickle devils. The scientists have done multiple tests to try and confirm that the tickle beasts are living of there biggest test is they have put a pair of Female feet in the position like this (Not including the tickling or bugs) And putting a Camera in front of the feet to catch the monsters.
:icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 0 3
Hee'ea by TheOldyTimeSteampunk Hee'ea :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 1 0 Bwar'hor by TheOldyTimeSteampunk Bwar'hor :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 0 0 Ms Milky Mickle by TheOldyTimeSteampunk Ms Milky Mickle :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 0 14 The Land of Hee by TheOldyTimeSteampunk The Land of Hee :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 0 11 Concofsicit by TheOldyTimeSteampunk Concofsicit :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 1 0
Tsai Lynz's ticklish Feet get a Feathering P.1
It was a warm day in Scalestone For Tsai Lynz
In Her open boots the scorpion lady walks up and down the streets, talking to the natives, She came across A mine. The Scorpion Lady was thinking of making a couple extra Dollars. She entered the mine with her pincers ready. She got in a Metal Cart that was attached to some Tracks. The Scorpion Lady pushed off and she went traveling down the mine. She kneeled as she flew down the mine tracks while kneeling, since she is a bit to big for the kart. A Dune tickle spider starts to crawl on the Scorpion Lady's heels. Tsai Lynz Slapped her hand on her mouth while trying not to Laugh. The Spider Crawled off her feet as the kart stopped at the bottom of the Mine. Tsai Lynz stepped out and started to claw at the rocks with her pincers hoping to find something
After about 47 minutes of mining, she starts to softly sings a little song, "Diggin' for gold, yeah Diggin' for gold, knowing that I will not get old while i'm Diggin' for gold, i'm diggin' for
:icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 5 5
Royal Lizzard Laughs by TheOldyTimeSteampunk Royal Lizzard Laughs :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 2 1 Griinner The king of the Lake by TheOldyTimeSteampunk Griinner The king of the Lake :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 0 6 Stermpinky by TheOldyTimeSteampunk Stermpinky :icontheoldytimesteampunk:TheOldyTimeSteampunk 0 0


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Mee'ear the Art thief
NAME = Mee'ear Stlearingter (Me-ear St-lea-ring-tor)
RACE = Feline
GENDER = Female

Mee'ear was always dazzled by art as a young kitty. She always was looking at pictures and old photos, and when she was not looking, she was drawing or painting, seeing what she could make from her art. She entered many art contests in her life in which she won most of them. She became a very wealthy women, that is until she started going absolutely bananas. All of the talk about art got her kind of loony and she started to steal art from famous art museums all through out Haa. Soon all of the art museums were going to have twice the guards in them, but, that was not even enough, and whenever she did run into one, she would silence him or her with a special dust that her breath contains which can wipe anyone out. She would take her to a special wagon that she rides around in. She would ride off far away from the art museum and into someplace like a forest. She would then curse a spell from her book of charms onto the guard forcing them to keep their feet still and their arms over their head, so they are basically frozen in place. She would then tickle his or her feet and body for hours on end, Mee'ear will force the guard to either to not tell anyone about what happened (which means that she was caught robbing) or to become a thief and help her. The guard will normally refuse for hours until Mee'ear finally breaks him or her. The longest recorded for tickling a guard until he or she breaks was 5 whole months, and the good thing is when you enter Hee'ea's wagon, you somehow instantly loose the need to eat or drink until you step out again, so the guard was fine.

This Sneaky Feline has many hot tickle spots on her body. But the place that will really get her cackling away like mad would be her feet, to be specific, her soles. Other hot spots would be her underarms, belly, sides, thighs, palms of her hands, arms and her neck.

Her fluffy tail is sometimes used as a toe ties for her victim's feet and since it is fluffy it kind of tickles. You may also think that her feet are like cat paws, but they are actually kind of like pitch black human feet. so 5 toes, the rubbery skin of humans, all the wrinkles and all of that jazz. Also she likes it when people tickle her tummy, feet and neck in a playfull manor, but if anyone tortures her it feels mean, and she may look for revenge, because if someone tickle tortures her, for government reasons or not, she normally likes to "Return the favour" an tickle torture her back but much worse. She has also been competing with Roh queen of thieves to try and prove to everyone that she is a better thief

Haa and Roh queen of the thieves belongs to 

Artwork and character belong to me
Elizabeth Fleeingston
the teacher of tickle magic from Wizard101. She is not a very strict teacher, but if you do not pay attention, or she thinks our lying, she will take you into her office, and tickle torture the living daylights out of you with her tickle magic. Se will tease and torment your feet with her spells. but other times, she will make you tickle torture her wit your magic to see how much you have been listening.
She does many activities with her students such as, putting them in pairs with one male and one female, and then they remove their shoes and then tickle torture his or her feet to see who is more ticklish. She also sometimes likes to select the student who has been paying most attention, and then she removes her high heels to reveal her nylons, and then the student will tickle torture her feet with their magic to see if her geuss was correct

Would you join this magic school?

Wizard101 belongs to Wizard101
Character belongs to me
Killer Weed's 2 ticklish male captures
Yes.... Once again, Killer weed managed to capture and tickle the Hero, Z'nth, but, she is also getting a little treat, SHe has also captured Fenrikk. The story behind this is very strange.

Z'nth wanted to finally, get Killer Weed back, for all of the times she has tickled him. But, he failed. He wandered into the woods, with his sword drawn he walked deep into the woods, but then out of no where, Z'nth was grabbed by the... Trees? That was what he thought happened, but he was grabbed by Killer Weed. She took his sword, and threw it away. Z'nth then punced on her, and sat on her ankles, in hopes of tickling her feet. But, with the help of nature, she was able to use tentacles/roots to lift him up, and into a tree, with only, his feet sticking out of a hole in the tree.

Fernick... Well, He just decided to get tickled

I think you know what happened from there

Killer Weed, Z'nt and Fernick belong to

And if you want to see some Killer Weed tickling Z'nth pictures
here is some……



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

I am making a movie right now
Click here to view the trailer
there is a lot of amazingness…


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